Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nihilistic Reality

by Catfish McDaris

the united??? states of america
democrats & capitalism & republicans
aristocracy & oligarchy
at its finest
a melting pot
becoming a pressure cooker
niggers fighting honkies
gringos fighting spics
cowboys fighting indians
wood niggers, prairie niggers
wiggers & oreos all in the soup
the rich stirring the mixture
red necks shooting cans
africans, puerto ricans, mexicans
let's change the motto on mr. $$$
from in god we trust to
let me get mine & fuck everyone else
rich doing the poor with
pork barrel kickbacks
nafta,gatt,wall street,savings & loan
health care, insurance
bussing children a polluting experiment
homo versus hetero
right to life, it's my body
atheists versus believers
gay versus sad
with liberty & justice
for all, but
don't tread on me.